<span>Fintech software development services</span> for Startups and Scale-ups
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<span>Fintech software development services</span> for Startups and Scale-ups

Fintech software development services for Startups and Scale-ups

<span>Fintech software development services</span> for Startups and Scale-ups

Our Fintech Expertise

Get help on your digital transformation journey by relying on our

in-depth expertise in the following FinTech domains:

Digital Banking
  • Neo banks
  • Digital asset management platform
  • Digital KYC and onboarding solutions
  • Integrations with banking API
Lending & Alternative Financing Platforms
  • Loan management software
  • Loan comparison tools
  • DeFi lending & borrowing systems
  • Mobile lending apps
  • P2P lending marketplace
  • BNPL & EPP
  • Merchant portals
  • Ecommerce payment systems
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Crypto exchange platforms
  • NFT marketplaces
  • DeFi & CBDC solutions
  • E-voting systems
  • Crypto wallets and extensions
  • Blockchain development
  • Fraud prevention/detection
  • Marketplaces
Stock Trading Platforms
  • Data collection
  • Data analytics
  • Data warehouse
  • Data marts
  • Trading bots

Friends & Clients

Lucky Bassi

CEO & Founder at JobDone

Zurich, Switzerland

Why Us?

For over 8 years, we have been fostering long-term relationships with our clients as technical advisors on their digital journey.

Apply Our Industry Expertise

Comply with all major standards, laws, and regulations, including PCI DSS/PA DSS, GDPR, and PSD2, as well as international financial reporting requirements. 50+ FinTech projects.

Accelerate Your Time to Market

Deliver your MVP to market in 3–4 months, not years, using our proven management processes, Agile approach, and niche experience.

Flexible Team Scaling

Quickly and effortlessly scale your team up and down to keep your company financially healthy.

Projeсt Handover from Existing Vendor

Andrew Fisiuk, COO
“Struggling with getting results from your current development partner? Let’s arrange a couple of calls or in-person meetings to discuss your situation, your needs, and your goals so we can find the right solutions for you.”

Process Stages

Code Audit
Backlog Analysis
Product Roadmap
Support Policies

Our Approach


Understand the problem

  • Client & problem definition statement
  • Run scoping sessions
  • Plan development, define risks & bottlenecks
  • Define the product vision

Design the right solution

  • Build architecture scheme
  • Create UI/UX
  • Define scope of work & backlog
  • Create a resource plan

Implement sustainable development

  • Allocate team, perform onboarding & setup
  • Plan and set up processes for Agile/Scrum releases
  • Set up infrastructure, CI/CD & policies
  • Give demos every two weeks with product increment

Our Services

Product Discovery

Collecting and analyzing information about your project, its market, and end users allows us to clearly define your project’s goals, scope of work, and limitations as well as assess business opportunities and prepare a solution vision.

Product Design

This is a complex multi-step process at the junction of engineering, management, and graphic design. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what the final product will look and feel like. It also defines what tasks the product will handle and what tools it will use to do so.

Product Engineering

Establish your roadmap and team for a predictable development process. Product engineering allows you to create efficient projects with the latest high-standard technologies and brand-new approaches.
Can't decide on the service?
Contact us, and we will help you choose the most suitable for you.

Maintenance & Support

After the product release, we continue to take care of your solution with regular feature updates and by providing service support, as well as by constantly monitoring and fixing issues to ensure correct operations.

Vendor Change

Hand off a project started by another IT service provider. If you’re having difficulties with your current or previous vendor, we’re here to help. We can get the project code and documentation, fix existing bugs, and find new ways to improve your product.

Technology Expertise


ReactJS, AngularJS


NodeJS, Python, GoLang, Firebase

Mobile development

React Native, Flutter


NEM Symbol, Solidity, Corda, Hyperledger, Binance Smartchain, Ethereum


Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Hetzner


Gitlab CI, Jenkins CI, Github Action, CircleCI


NLP, Computer vision, Deep learning, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch

Quick Concept Prototyping

Not sure where to start? Try our three days workshop to create your product concept.
Deliverables: customer problem statement, the scope of work,  design concept session
Time: 3 days
Location: online or anywhere in the European Union
Price: 2500 EUR 3500 EUR

Our Track Record

years in the market
revenue from Fintech

Our Cases Studies

New York, the USA
Custom software for a Wall Street brokerage company

  • Fortune Best Workplaces in New York™ 2020
  • Fortune Best Small & Medium Workplaces in the US
  • A real-time risk management platform that collects market information instantly and synchronizes it with information about the company’s position in charts.
  • Birmingham, UK
    Data analytics platform with actionable insights into the UK alternative energy industry

  • Modo has raised over £1 million in investment
  • Huge scope of analytical data helps users explore markets, get detailed asset data, and track performance
  • Oslo, Norway
    Solution to increase sales of world-famous brands

  • Has already been adopted by brands including Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon
  • Increases sales by assuring the advantages of products are clear and accessible to the end user
  • Oakland, California, the USA
    Chemistry database software for global scientific research

  • Our client raised $600 million in investments
  • Supports multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists
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