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At S-PRO, the development of cross-platform apps is a particular strength. We employ React Native to deliver our clients with apps that work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, resulting in a fluid development process and seamless maintenance and updates.

Our comprehensive approach, collective expertise, and eye for fresh solutions drive us to develop apps both innovative and reliable.

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Why React Native

Shortens development time
Assures fast and easy support and updates
Minimizes cost
Reaches your target audience on both iOS and Android gadgets
Our approach

Sign an NDA

We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement when confidentiality is important to you.

Give an Estimate

Well begun is half done. We work from a comprehensive project draft so there are no surprises. Our guarantee: the product and all charges and timeframes will be exactly as stated in the estimation stage. We believe in talking everything through in advance, that every detail of your app meets your expectations, and our understanding of how we plan to move from concept to reality is clear – to both you and us.

Sign a Contract

Once the project sketch is approved, we enter into a formal contract with our clients so work can begin.

Stage #1

Write a Technical Specification

This is a detailed description of all technical requirements for the app. We discuss every detail so that app functionality, necessary features and use are presented as a cohesive whole. Now, with the clear goal in mind, we’re ready to start the development stage.

Define the Architecture

At this stage, we are engaged in developing the structure for your app, laying out its components and the links between them. To assure that the app is reliable and bug-free, we make an analysis of optimal technologies and frameworks and then create the app infrastructure.

Create a Design

We provided our clients with several design options to choose from, guaranteeing that the final design will match the selected wireframe and prototype. We focus on a custom approach and create exclusively with a user-centric design.

Stage #2

Make a Layout

We analyze wireframes and blueprints elaborated during the previous stages and consider the best ways to render them in intuitive UI/UX design. A clean layout provides the end-user with seamless navigation and contributes greatly to the overall success of the app.

Develop the app

Taking the comprehensive prep of the advanced stages of app creation, we are now ready to move into product development. We are committed to creating uniformly reliable and crash-free apps.

Stage #3


We assume full responsibility for product quality. Our professional team carries out multi-stage performance testing at every step of the development process, addressing and eliminating any potential defect.


We establish the production environment and provide you with support in launching the app. Clients are presented with a working, market-ready solution.


Following app release, we provide our customers with continuing support that goes beyond on-time updating, assuring a unified client-product strategy.

Stage #4


For best, all-around performance, we employ cutting-edge technologies at every stage of our work.

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