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Keep up with the latest mobile advancements and product design trends by working with an experienced mobile app development partner based in the heart of Ukraine. Turn your app idea into a powerful omnichannel experience with our custom mobile app development company.

What Differentiates S-PRO?

R&D Lab

Get custom mobile app development and market deployment advice from a team of top-notch software engineers, talented designers, and experienced business analysts.

Transparent Project Progress

Monitor your project’s progress thanks to our transparent and flexible Agile and Scrum product management methodologies.

Perfect Product–Market Fit

Benefit from our team’s versatile product launch and go-to-market experience. Find the perfect product–market fit with experts that have deployed dozens of successful projects.

Flawless Interactions

Craft intuitive user experiences with visually stunning designs across all digital platforms. Our UI/UX team integrates a human-oriented design approach into every user interaction.

Aligned with Your Business

Our core value is customer satisfaction. It drives our custom mobile app development company to assist and consult to help you achieve the best project outcomes.

Security Compliance

Secure authentication, encryption, and other security best practices allow us to reduce the chances of user data breaches and leaks.
App Development Process

We will take your project through a comprehensive app development process that comprises the following phases.

Pre-discovery Phase

During this phase, you set clear project goals and we help you map out a strategy to reach them. This phase entails preliminary project research:

  • Analysis of the legislative environment
  • Assessment of user complaints and the shortcomings of existing services
  • Measurements related to the service
  • Team alignment
Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, we create a detailed plan that strictly corresponds to your business strategy and takes the project from its starting point to full deployment in a live environment. During this phase, we create the following deliverables:

  • App architecture layout
  • Technical specifications
  • Business and process flows
  • Team assignments and deployment
  • Software requirements specification (SRS)
  • Detailed design plan and efficiency evaluation using PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) analysis
Design Phase

By the design phase, your development team already has a set of requirements. This phase involves the following preparations:

  • Presentation of construction alternatives
  • Choice of tools and technologies
  • Proof of concept
  • Project estimate
Delivery Phase

During this phase, your product takes on the form of a dynamic prototype. Next, we move forward with MVP development and product testing using various manual and automation techniques.

  • Prototyping: Rapid, Evolutionary, Incremental, Extreme
  • Minimum viable product
  • Mobile app testing: Unit testing, Integration testing, Automation testing, Penetration testing
Launch and Deployment

Our agency is ready to help you launch a custom mobile application to the market and prepare all the necessary collateral.

  • Press tools and materials
  • Detailed product materials (video guides and literature)
  • An up-to-date product website
  • Continuous improvement
Mobile App Development Services

Select what you need from a wide spectrum of full-stack mobile app development services.

iOS App Development

Build a feature-rich application for the App Store with beautiful designs written in native programming languages (Swift or Objective-C).

Android App Development

Develop a successful app for Google Play with seamless user interactions and an impressive interface using Java or Kotlin.

Cross-Platform App Development

Create a custom cross-platform application leveraging the React Native or Flutter frameworks and provide a native-like mobile experience on different platforms.

What You Get

On-time and on budget

Launch your product when expected and within your budget. No hidden costs or unexpected charges.

Proactive Approach

Your goals become our goals. S-PRO takes a proactive approach to achieve your goals and surpass your expectations.

Crash-Free Product

We apply a comprehensive suite of mobile app testing techniques to ensure the robustness of the end product.
Technologies We’ve Mastered


  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Mobile and Web
  • Cloud

Big Data, Cloud & Devops

  • Kubernetes
  • CI/CD
  • AWS
  • Kinesis
  • Digital Ocean
  • Docker
  • Kafka
  • Zabbix
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kibana


  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS

Mobile (iOS / Android)

  • React Native
  • Flutter


  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • Python/Django
  • GoLang
  • PHP/Laravel

Product management

  • Agile
  • Scrum


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
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Julian Rupp

Chief of Staff at Exaloan AG

The partner is happy with the deliverables and ongoing work. S-PRO is doing a great job with both the front- and backend development of the solution. They're truly invested in the success of the web app and a member of their senior management has even devoted time to being involved.
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