Innovative Healthcare Software Development Solutions

We are rocket-fueling the digital transformation in the healthcare industry with custom software solutions. Serving as a trusted adviser and technology partner, S-PRO empowers medical institutions and private practitioners to transform the journey of care through technological innovation and ensure the best patient outcomes possible.

Shaping the digital future of Healthcare

Why is the healthcare revolution needed?

  • Healthcare's future will look nothing like the normal we leave behind. The healthcare service and technology market is now fast-changing, which creates new opportunities, risks, and structural questions for companies. To lead the competition in a rapidly evolving industry, medical service providers should attune their services to the new needs of tech-savvy consumers.

  • Driven by a wish to contribute to a healthier society and a sustainable future, we are passionate about helping our clients deliver on their missions in the public health arena. Our R&D lab of analysts is collaborating with healthcare stakeholders to help them navigate this challenging landscape and respond to the growing demand for digital services.

  • We also provide innovative healthcare software development solutions that allow healthcare institutions to enhance diagnostics, improve medical workflows, and engage patients. At S-PRO, we fully immerse ourselves in the client's and patient's needs and create health-based technologies for and about people.

Why start the digitization journey?

  • More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future. This demand is predicted to increase across all age groups. — McKinsey

  • According to a recent study, the healthcare industry stands to save over $60 billion in the long-term by making the right technological investments today. — Accenture

  • The adoption of the Blockchain in Healthcare could save the industry up to $100-$150 billion per year by 2025 in data breach-related costs, operations costs, and personnel costs. — Digital Authority Partners

Let's redefine what is possible in Healthcare

Augment healthcare services with emerging tech

  • Patient engagement

    Create versatile online portals for your patients to drive engagement, keep them in the know with important updates, and provide instant access to medical records anytime on any device. Avoid missed appointments by sending people reminders via mobile apps. Help patients get to the needed room more easily with indoor navigation functionality.

  • Employee management

    Empower your employees with healthcare management software they need to be more productive and build smoother medical workflows. Use mobile schedules and online consultation tools to help doctors react to the patient's needs faster. Create a mobile command center for your hospital facilities to allow your employees to report incidents.

  • Analytics and administration

    Securely store and process large volumes of important patient data with custom healthcare management solutions that comply with all HIPAA requirements. Create a platform for powerful digital administration tools available from web and mobile to make workflow improvements.

Healthcare software development solutions

Where excellence and efficiency overlap

We are rocket-fueling the digital transformation in the healthcare industry with custom software solutions. Serving as a trusted adviser and technology partner, S-PRO empowers medical institutions and private practitioners to transform the journey of care through technological innovation and ensure the best patient outcomes possible.

  • ONE

    Patient Portals

    We develop software that optimizes the patient experience and guarantees user engagement. Our team delivers solutions that allow our clients to easily manage patient flow, access patient medical records, and schedule appointments from web and mobile.

    By synchronizing the patient portals with health tracking devices, such as wearables and sensors, healthcare professionals can keep remote monitoring of patient vitals and conditions.

  • TWO


    Telemedicine empowers medical organizations to move to the next level of management and increase business scalability by assisting patients remotely. S-PRO engineers work on creating telehealth applications of any complexity.

    We build apps that allow connecting patients and doctors quickly and securely through virtual office visits and live video. Improve your patient experience with mobile and web healthcare applications with real-time communication.


    Medical Practice Management Solutions

    Our team develops practice management software that helps tackle the day-to-day challenges of medical practitioners and improve workflows. We create solutions that let you monitor and optimize every facet of operational, financial, and clinical activities.

    S-PRO also delivers custom software that helps you solve finance-related tasks, insurance claims management, inventory, and procurement.

  • FOUR

    Healthcare Big Data Analytics Solutions

    Advanced medical technologies require us to be ready to process increasing volumes of health data. At S-PRO, we make it possible with Big Data healthcare solutions.

    We develop systems to collect, process, and visualize data in user-friendly interfaces. Effective data analysis and insights discovery will help you level up services, improve business processes, and financial outcomes of your organization.

  • FIVE

    Mobile Health

    S-PRO provides a comprehensive suite of mHealth app development services to help medical organizations make a shift for more innovative healthcare and adapt to the growing demand for mobility.

    Our team of senior developers delivers a wide range of mobile health solutions that satisfy the highest requirements and specific needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.

    Mobile apps for patients

      Remote diagnostics

      Fitness apps

      Medication reminders & pill trackers

      Chronic condition self-management

    Mobile apps for healthcare professionals

      Healthcare CRMs

      Mobile patient monitoring platforms

      Clinical communication & collaboration tools

      Patient rounding apps

      Mobile CPOE systems

  • SIX

    EHR & EMR Software Development

    We build HIPAA-compliant EHR and EMR software with features that enable doctors to chart faster, increase productivity, and stay connected via online portals for excellent patient care.

    Our engineers successfully integrate EMR and EHR software with different third-party systems, no matter whether it is a document management software, charting tools, reporting apps, or cloud-based billing services.

    EHR (an electronic health record) software

    S-PRO expertise extends to Blockchain-based EHR solutions allowing medical organizations to collect, share, and analyze the patient's health data in real-time. Our EHR software will allow you to securely store and track patient health data in intuitive user interfaces for desktops and mobile devices.

    EMR (an electronic medical record) software

    We offer a digital alternative for old-fashioned paper medical records. S-PRO healthcare software development team builds cross-platform systems that give users an opportunity to easily access the patient's medical history, diagnoses, and treatments in convenient dashboards.

Key healthcare software features

  • Real-time chat for doctors and patients

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Dashboard to track patient progress

  • Geofencing

  • Online bill payment

  • Remote monitoring

  • Electronic health records

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Why go with us?

Advisory and support of innovations

Our R&D lab of certified advisors and innovation-lovers can consult on any project and industry-related issue to help you bring your next brilliant idea to reality. We gladly assist our clients in experimenting with innovations.

The proven path for software development

With 6+ years of expertise in building software, 150+ in-house experts, and a lineup of 120+ successful projects delivered so far, you're in safe hands developing your innovative healthcare solution with us.

Regulatory compliance & security

We are often dealing with sensitive personal data, so it goes without saying that the S-PRO team takes the requirement for complete confidentiality and privacy on your project very seriously. We provide highly secure solutions in accordance with HIPAA compliance.

Human-oriented development

After all, any health-based technology project is ultimately about people. We apply a human-oriented approach and build digital products that solve real user problems. Our professionals pay particular attention to investigating a target audience, conducting a user experience research, and building intuitive user interactions.

Individual approach

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all software solutions. We thoroughly listen to every client's individual issue, conduct in-depth research of a particular case, and develop custom software solutions addressing their real needs.

Partnership synergy

We are proudly partnering with companies in analytics, economics, regulatory, and blockchain consulting fields to extend your software solutions and business opportunities.

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Hubspring.Digital ecosystem for hospital staff to communicate and coordinate patient care.


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