Rehegoo logotype
Development time
15 months
10 professionals

A background music platform for businesses of every kind

A custom platform for different types of businesses to buy unique licensed background content and for artists to promote their music

The globally-recognized music label Rehegoo has a recording studio in London and a huge base of soundtracks and talented signed artists with the right to use their music. Knowing that business owners experience the need of buying licensed music only and struggle with its choice, the brand has decided to facilitate this process creating a platform selling licensed custom background music to small and medium businesses. The main task for S-PRO was to develop the solution that will match music playlists with specific types of companies thus generating relevant and original content.


As a result, we delivered a product available for different types of businesses including varying functionality for all user types (business, artist, and aggregator) with a separate role for the Rehegoo sales team to be able to present the platform from different angles.